The story of OLE Mexican Foods exemplifies the American Dream. With tradition passed down by her grandmother from her native Mexico, Veronica Moreno began selling home-made corn tortillas in her Atlanta neighborhood in 1988. As a result of her unique vision and commitment to quality, word soon spread about her tortillas being the freshest, softest and best tasting in town.
The growing demands resulted in the purchase of a small production facility launching her tortillas and other traditional Mexican products to the mainstream public. As demands continued, her husband and her children joined her in the promise of delivering high quality, authentic tortillas and Mexican foods.

Currently, OLE Mexican Foods is one of the largest tortilla manufacturers in America with products sold from coast to coast. We offer a wide range of authentic Mexican products beyond the traditional tortilla, including chorizos, cheeses and Xtreme Wellness Products. 
Veronica’s enduring commitment to quality and family has never changed. The Moreno family continues to run the company guided by their promise of delivering high quality products. It is this commitment that we hope to share with you each time you make OLE Mexican foods a part of your own traditions.



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Tel: 1+(770)582.9200, Mail:


Tel: 1+(770)582.9200, Mail:


Tel: 1+(770)582.9200, Mail: